Christmas Party 2022



Friday 9th December at 19:30


Park Inn by Radisson na Monte Cassino 2

'Tis the Season to be Merry – Together!

Phew, what a year it’s been! We worked hard, and we played hard (still remember the epic Company Retreat?!)! But now the year 2022 is winding down to a close, it’s time to reflect and express our gratitude to you – the people who make it all possible. Join us this Christmas Party and let’s celebrate together!

What we’ve got in store for you

Surprise Performer

Buckle up and prepare to be amazed – the surprise performance will be truly magical!


Make memories and immortalize them for years to come (and have fun doing it!)


3 casino tables and a croupier at your disposal for an unforgettable night of winning.


Because a party without a DJ is just another meeting!

Dress Code

Semi-Formal, fancier than business attire but just a notch below formal tuxedos and fancy gowns.


Party and relaxing to share the festive moment and a great gathering.


This year’s Christmas Party is reserved for Andea employees only.

A thing or two to remember



The appetizer:

Gingerbread Duck With Cherries And Mushroom & Clove Mayo

The soup:

Roasted Creamy Beetroot Soup With Goat’s Cheese, Pumpkin Seeds, Mushroom Croutons, And Herb-Infused Olive Oil

The main:

Roast Duck In A Cinnamon Sauce With Rosemary Roast Potatoes

The dessert:

Apple Pie With Raisins And Cinnamon


The Athlete of the Year

Łukasz Horodecki

Category: Run 

Activities: 122

Distance: 959,8 km

Time: 98h 33m

Elev Gain: 8 544 m 

Adrian Łoś

Category: Bike

Activities: 114

Distance: 5 964,1 km

Time: 229h 35m

Elev Gain: 32 041 m

Natalia Kotrys

Category: Walk 

Activities: 554

Distance: 2 600,3 km

Time: 479h 11m

Elev Gain: 13 671 m

Let us know if you’re attending!

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